Avludzena Dimiat Barrique 2007

Авлудзена Димят Барик 2007

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Boi & Ar (Бойар Поморие)
Bulgaria (България) 
Black Sea Coastal (Черноморски Регион)
Dimiat (Димят)
Added by iliamarkov
09 Aug 2010
Winemaker's notes:
Delicate. Sleek.
This white wine has aged for six months in French oak barrels where we have reincarnated the traditional production of wine defining the Pomorie region’s grape Dimiat. The wine transmits rich tropical aromas accented with the freshness of ripe fruits and vanilla combined with a dense taste and hints of toasted oak.

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How to drink it
Food: Тежка риба, ястия на тиган
Cheese: -
Temperature: 10-12 °C
Bubble and sparkles
From the Reading Room
Bubbles in wine were known to vintners long before they could reliably capture and preserve this phenomenon in the bottle. As a natural byproduct of the fermentation process, carbon dioxide is released in the liquid to provide a "sparkle." In the Northern climates, cold weather sometimes arrives ...
Comments & Ratings
09 Aug 2010
Сламеножълтеникав нос с лек блясък. Носът е мощен, с преобладаващи нотки на дъб, ванилия, полски цветя. Вкусът е силен, със слаба киселинност и известна горчивина и тръпчивост. Долавят се дъб, ванилия, мед, лимонена кора и масло на края на езика. Дълъг послевкус, доминиран от дъба.