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  • Hi members:-)
    Can someone tell me, where I can buy wines from Starocel in Varna?

    07 Mar 2012 - Kai

  • We have (finally) added dessert and sparkling wines.

    07 May 2010 - demiro

  • New feature is added that allows you to add a website address in your profile. Now you can get some move visits for you blog or website.

    08 Jan 2010 - demiro

  • New "hi-tech" report for wines by price and search in the reading room and entities - now available.

    22 Apr 2009 - demiro

  • VINARIA 2009 is open from 18 till 21 of March. This is the International Exhibition of Vine-Growing and Wine Producing. We will be there. How about you?

    14 Mar 2009 - demiro

  • Don't miss our new Reading Room section in the main site menu.

    30 Jan 2009 - demiro

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Sugar Crystals or..?
 From the Reading Room
There's sugar on my cork.' Is a frequent one... no, not sugar but crystals of tartar sometimes called 'wine diamonds' which look - but do not taste - like sugar. They upset people - unless those people know in advance that they can occur and are a GOOD sign. Tartaric acid occurs naturally in all wines. It can be removed but the process also removes a lot of wine flavour so the most conscientious winemakers avoid using it. Crystals of tartar sometimes precipitate out and settle on the glass or the cork or at the bottom. Pour carefully and rejoice in good natural wine.