Cabo de Hornos 2006

Кабо де Хорнос 2006

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San Pedro
Chile (Чили) 
Cabernet Sauvignon (Каберне Совиньон)

Shiraz (Сира (Shiraz))

Malbec (Малбек)
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04 Apr 2010

Winemaker's notes:

80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah and 5% Malbec.

This wine was elaborated with the best fruit of different vineyards, all property of Viña San Pedro. The Cabernet Sauvignon stems from specific blocks located in the Maipo, Alto Cachapoal and Curicó Valleys. The Syrah stems from two different blocks, the first located in the Alto Cachapoal, and the second, in the Maule Valley, specifically from a cuartel located in Pencahue near to where the final element: the Malbec grows.

All the vineyards destined for Cabo de Hornos are conducted by a vertical trellis system. In average they are approximately 30 years old, and have a production of about 5 tons/ha. The fruit is hand-picked, in 13 kg boxes, to avoid damaging it. Ripeness is determined by the winemaker in charge of this wine, who tastes the grapes in the field. Pencahue’s Syrah was picked the second week of April. The Syrah of Alto Cachapoal, and the Malbec from Pencahue, were picked the last week of April, and all the Cabernet Sauvignon between the first and second weeks of May. Climatic conditions allowed for the harvesting of the fruit at optimal ripeness, and in an almost complete absence of rainfall. This harvest is considered a good to very good year for Cabo de Hornos.

Upon arrival to the cellar, the grapes are received on a selection table, where leaves and undesired clusters are manually separated. The grapes are then stripped, and the individual grapes are checked on a second selection table. There, all greens which might cause undesired aromas or flavors in the wine are culled. Afterwards there follows a cold pre-fermentative maceration at 8°C (46.4°F) of seven days, and then alcoholic fermentation with controlled temperatures (27°C to 29°C). Fermentation involves 6 daily very short and gentle pump-overs, in order to keep the skins wet at all times. This extracts a gentle extraction of tannins, color and polyfenoles in general. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, we keep the skins with the must in maceration for approximately three weeks in order to obtain a better structure and length in the wine. Subsequently, the wine is aged in new French oak barrels for about 18 months. After this storage period, the wine is bottled without filtering to preserve its full gamut of flavors. This wine is bottle aged for at least a year before release.
Tasting Notes

Color:ruby red color, with violet shades, intense and deep.
Aroma: elegant nose, ripe and intense, marked by cassis and black cherry fruit that intermingles with blond tobacco, cedar and a touch of mocha.
Palate: smooth textured, rich and well concentrated, with an excellent balance of tannins and acidity. This wine is expressive and elegant, slightly hard and minerally, long and persistent.
Recommended cellaring: 8 to 12 years.

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How to drink it
Food: Antipasto, Carpaccio (Beef), Chicken Smoked, Couscous, Duck, Ham, Hamburger, Lamb (Grilled, Broiled), Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Pasta with Vegetables, Pates, Pheasant, Pizza, Quail, red meats, deer and mature cheese, Rabbit, Sausage, Spicy Mexican, Steak (Grilled, Broiled), Tuna, Venison
Cheese: Brie, Camember, Danish Blu, Sharp Cheddar
Temperature: 18 °C
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