Ot Izbata Pinot Noir 2009

От Избата Пино Ноар 2010 2009

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Minkov Brothers Winery (Братя Минкови)
Bulgaria (България) 
Thracian Valley (Тракийска Низина)
Pinot Noir (Пино Ноар)
€ 10.74  
Added by sharko
27 Oct 2011

Winemaker's notes:
Пино Ноар
Регионално вино от Тракийската Низина.
Отлежаване: 20 месеца в барици от френски и американски дъб.
Реколта: 2009
Алкохол: 13 об%
Количество: 14 бъчви

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Food: -
Cheese: Asiago, Ricotta
Temperature: 16 °C
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How long will wine keep once the bottle has been opened? This may be the one wine question I hear most often; and the short answer, I'm afraid, is, "not very long." Wine, like fresh fruit, is perishable, and air is its enemy. Once you've taken out the cork and exposed the liquid to oxygen, it ...
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13 Nov 2011