About Us

We are enthusiasts. We are enthusiastic about raising our kids, discovering the world, working and loving the end of a hard day with a glass of fine wine. That’s how we came up with the idea of creating this place – a place, where we, together with you, can develop our understanding about wines, enrich our wine culture and support the efforts of the Bulgarian winemakers! There are a lot of sections we wish to add – such as one with recipes, another – with daily menus of the good restaurants and lots of more and more… Another important project is the Reading room – let’s do this together!

We have tons of work to do, but we are hoping that YOU will help us – our friends, readers, contributors! Add new materials - together we can make it useful and meaningful! Write to us- we will be pleased to write back! Add NEW wines, RATE the already listed ones. We are open to criticism, though praise is appreciated as well :-)

Best regards,

Daniela and Miroslav Dolaptchiev
Founders of Wine in Bulgaria