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Malbec is one of the six grape varieties approved for making red wines in the Bordeaux region of France. In Bordeaux, Malbec is used like a chef would use a spice. Malbec is blended with other wines but it makes up a very small percentage of the blend. It is being grown and included less every year in the Bordeaux region On the other hand, Malbec has found a new home and a new following in the wines of Argentina. Some of the best Malbecs can be described as dry, mouthfilling and sumptuous; but the best ones are hard to find. Most Malbecs you are likely to encounter are good but not great. Elsewhere, Malbec is planted in small amounts. Malbec is usually included in plantings and blends because of its background in Bordeaux. It is a thin skinned grape that needs more sun and heat than either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot to mature.

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