Mezzek White Soil Mavrud 2007

Мезек Уайт Сойл Мавруд 2007

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Katarzyna Estate (Катаржина)
Bulgaria (България) 
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2006 [100]
Mavrud (Мавруд)

Mavrud (Мавруд)
€ 4.09  
Added by demiro
01 Apr 2009
Winemaker's notes:
Possesses deep, crimson color with garnet gleams. In the aroma there is a bouquet of red forest fruits, pepper and dominating noble tinge of tobacco. The wine is with elegant body, softly grainy character and velvet taste of chocolate, vanilla and a very well integrated oak. Harmonious final filled with soft tannins and long lasting aftertaste.

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Food: -
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Temperature: 16 °C
Sugar Crystals or..?
From the Reading Room
There's sugar on my cork.' Is a frequent one... no, not sugar but crystals of tartar sometimes called 'wine diamonds' which look - but do not taste - like sugar. They upset people - unless those people know in advance that they can occur and are a GOOD sign. Tartaric acid occurs naturally in all ...
Comments & Ratings
29 Oct 2009
A well balanced, top class wine!

27 Nov 2009