Pendar 2008

Пендар 2008

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Castra Rubra (Кастра Рубра)
Bulgaria (България) 
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2007 [71.5]
Rubin (Рубин)

Merlot (Мерло)
€ 5.62  
Added by d.dolaptchieva
10 Nov 2013
Winemaker's notes:
A ruby-red colored wine that is full of vitality and enchants with noble hints of roast peppers, bay leaves and dried red fruits. Rich, yet subtle and elegant taste with delicate tannins and fresh fruity finish. Pendar is easy to match with great variety of food as its elegant body makes it a good choice for most vegetable and meat stews (moussaka, stuffed peppers, vegetable ragouts) and the tomatoe-based dishes that are somewhat more difficult to marry to a good wine (Bolognese, Al’Arrabiata), pizzas with tomatoe-based toppings, Spanish omelettes, quiches and banitsa, mild cheeses.

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How to drink it
Food: Chicken, Chicken Smoked, Couscous, Duck, Ham, Lamb (Grilled, Broiled), Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Pasta with Vegetables, Pizza, Quiche, Rabbit, Sausage, Spicy Chinese, Steak (Grilled, Broiled), Tuna, Turkey, Veal
Cheese: Gouda, Gruyere, Pecorino Toscano
Temperature: 16-18 °C
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